Birth tourism brings Russian infant growth to Miami

Birth tourism brings Russian infant growth to Miami

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MIAMI — Lured by the charm of small Havana or perhaps the glamour of Southern Beach, some 15 million tourists see Miami each year.

However for a number that is growing of ladies, the draw is not sunny beaches or pulsing nightclubs. It is U.S. citizenship with regards to their newborn kiddies.

In Moscow, it is a status expression to possess a baby that is miami-born and social media marketing is filled with Russian ladies boasting of these little americantsy.

Why mothers-to-be that is russian rushing to Flor

“this really is typical,” stated Ekaterina Kuznetsova, 29. “When I happened to be using the air plane in the future right right here, it absolutely was not me personallyrely me. It had been 4 or 5 ladies traveling right right here.”

Ekaterina had been certainly one of lots of Russian birth tourists NBC News talked to in the last four months about a round-trip journey that costs thousands of bucks and takes them abroad for months or months.

How come they arrive?

“US passport is a huge plus for the child. (more…)

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